How to moderate classifieds ads submitted by users via The FOJ Classified Ads plugin

When users on your site submit classifieds ads, the classifieds ads may go into "Pending" and may not appear at the public part of your site till you activate or approve them.

Moderating the classified ads means, editing, activating/deactivating, rejecting, deleting, featuring or promoting the classifieds ads. To moderate classified ads, you may follow the steps below:

  1. Log into the admin part of your site.
  2. Go to "The FOJ Classifieds Ads" and you may see submenus as follows:
  3. Approved Ads: click on "Approved Ads" if you want to moderate classified ads that you have already approved.
  4. Pending Ads: Click on "Pending Ads" if you want to moderate classified ads that are inactive or which are not yet approved by admin.
  5. Rejected Ads: Click on "Rejected Ads" if you would want to moderate classified ads which admin has already moderated and declared as "Rejected Ads".
  6. To moderate the classified ad, click on either "Edit", "Activate", "Deactivate", "Reject" or "Featured".
  7. You may also click on the title of the classified ad in order to see its full details in another page to help you determine whether you should edit, activate/deactivate, reject, delete or feature it.
  8. Delete (Caution): be reminded of this--a classified ad may delete right away without warning if you click on its "Delete" button.

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