Download The FOJ 2.2 Installation Guide Demo

    The FOJ web application is a free PHP open-source software which you can download to build professional blogs and websites without writing codes. It is an advanced Content Management System(CMS) developed for building blogs and websites. Install it on your web server and your website is ready. You are free to use it for both your personal and commercial projects under the GNU GPL-2.0 or later.

Features of The FOJ Web Application

Blog & Posts

Provision for admin to organize posts neatly on the site

  • 10 different beautiful ways to display posts
  • Latest posts
  • Popular posts
  • Related posts
  • Category by category posts

Social Media

  • Showcase your social media pages
  • Facebook comment on each post or page
  • Share buttons on each page to share post or page to social media
  • Open Graph (OG) tags for optimized sharing to social media

Post Subscription

  • People can subscribe to your post so that your posts can be emailed to those who subscribe to your site
  • You will have names and emails of those who subscribe to your site

Adsense & Other Ad Networks

  • You can insert adsense code in your site, posts and pages to show ads to earn ad's revenue
  • You can insert code of other ad networks in your site, post and pages to earn ad's revenue

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Provision for you to optimize posts and pages so that your site may rank high in search engine results;

  • Automatic sitemap generation
  • Provision to integrate your site with third party services e.g for analytics & traffic monitoring
  • Browser title for each page or post
  • Meta description for each page or post
  • Keywords for each page or post
  • Robot (index & follow, etc)

More Features

  • Diferent beautiful themes with theme changer to customize the look your site
  • Beautiful gallery with many display styles
  • Post slider and photo carousel
  • Your own site logo and favicon
  • Contact us form to receive feedback from site users
  • Cookies law compliance
  • Plugin support to extend the functionality of your site
  • Google reCAPTCHA V2 and V3 to protect forms of your website such as your login form, contact-us form etc.

Posts & Pages, Menus & Categories Management

Provision for admin to write new posts, edit existing posts, delete or deactivate posts and manage menus, categories and the entire site with no coding skill

  • What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editor for admin to write pages, posts and contents
  • Photos, videos, audio, PDF and numerous file upload support
  • Drag and drop menu builder to build & manage menus
  • Nested menus -- top menu & sub menus with infinite levels
  • Dynamic posts & pages types
  • Categories management

Users & Account Information

  • User and admin login
  • User registration & user account
  • User and admin dashboard
  • Users can edit their profiles
  • Admin manages admin profiles
  • Admin sees registered users
  • Admin can manage--create, edit, delete and deactivate registered users
  • Admin can manage site subscribers and mailing list
  • Admin can create multiple admin accounts