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Price: GHS 4000, Promo Price: GHS2000,
Free updates for one year,
Free support for one year,
Including a year of web hosting, domain name, web email, SSL/TLS, etc

To be used on one domain name
50% Off!

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Get your own classified ads website, your own online marketplace where sellers advertise their products and & buyers look for products to buy. Features include sellers & buyers dashboard, membership packages, ads boost/promotion, online & offline payment methods, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), advertising, automatic email notification to subscribers about classified ads and more.

The FOJ application has administration account and interface for you to manage your site and its contents including creating, editing, deleting and managing classified ads, users, pages, posts, categories, blog, advertisements and more. You do not need coding skill to run the FOJ Classified Ads.

Features of the FOJ Classified Ads

The FOJ Classifieds ads supports multiple countries so that your one website can have online market for every country.

  • Sellers and buyers can post ads,
  • Sellers and buyers can search for ads,
  • Sellers and buyers can edit or delete their own ads,
  • Admin can create, approve, edit or reject ads,
  • Admin approves ads before they appear to the public,
  • Sellers and buyers can boost or promote their ads,
  • Ads expiration and automatic deletion of expired ads,
  • Share ads to social media platforms,
  • Allow or disallow comments on ads,
  • Classified ads category management,
  • Country, state/region, city/town and location management,
  • Multi-currency support,

Web hosting features

  • Your own domain name, e.g yourOwnCompanyName.Com,
  • Unlimited number of webmails or company emails, e.g info@yourOwnCompanyName.Com, admin@yourOwnCompanyName.Com,
  • Unlimited number of personal emails, e.g kofi.badu@yourOwnCompanyName.Com, etc,
  • Large disc space for your website data (Unmetered disc space),
  • Unmetered bandwidth, unmetered monthly traffic,
  • Cpanel,
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases,
  • SSL/TLS (Secure Socket Layers/Transport Layer Security),
  • Malware & spam monitoring,
  • 450+ website apps (1 click install),
  • Automatic weekly backups,
  • And more web hosting features,
  • Web hosting renews at $88.10 per year,

Classified Ads Promotion options

Provision to allow sellers & buyers to boost or promote their ads in their quest to reach more customers.
  • Featured ads,
  • Jump-to-top ads,
  • Admin can manage the promotion options and place a fee on each of them,

Automatic Classified Ads Notification & Subscriptions

  • Subscription to classified ads,
  • Automatic emailing of featured classified ads to subscribers,
  • Sellers & buyers to receive automatic email notifications:
    • After posting classified ad,
    • When admin approves classified ad,
    • When classified ad is about to expire,
    • After promoting classified ad,
    • When classified ad promotion is about to expire,

Membership Packages Management,

  • Admin can create free or paid membership packages,
  • Sellers & buyers can buy membership packages,
  • The membership packages determine the privileges of seller & buyer,
  • The membership packages limit or permit the actions sellers & buyers can take on the site,
  • E.g a membership package will determine whether a user can create an ad or not.
  • Automatic notifications about membership expiration,

Payment Methods

  • Online Credit/Debit card & mobile money payment methods,
  • Offline mobile money payment methods,
  • ePin payment method,
  • Credit wallet payment method,
  • Records of payments and orders,

Including The Core Features Of The FOJ Application

Note that the jobs website or the jobs portal is built on the core FOJ application so all the core features of The FOJ application which are not listed here are included in the jobs website or the jobs portal.

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