Ghana Ashanti Agogo Clothing & Fashion Sample classified ad on woven bag & thread

Sample classified ad on woven bag & thread

Offered By: Computer House Limitedx,


Call: (+233) 0248422839
Call: (+233) 0248422839

This is a sample description of an ad. It is up to the seller who is advertising the product to write enough details about the product being advertised. Detailed description is recommended.

The FOJ Classified Ads is programmed to allow the advertiser to write detailed description. Yet precise and concise description is helpful.

All ads that are posted are sent to admin for approval before they are made available to the public. This helps admin to moderate all ads that advertisers posts. The FOJ Classifieds Ads has a lot of features for both the advertisers and the admin.

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Condition: New

Location Address

Agogo, Ashanti, Ghana, 233,

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