Managing ePin orders

When users have placed order for ePins, the orders, that is the buying and the paying for the ePins will be recorded. Admin may access these records and manage them by changing their statuses to e.g "Paid", "Unpaid", Also, admin may manage the orders by canceling or deleting the orders.

To manage the ePin orders:

  1. Log into the admin part of the site.
  2. Go to "ePins".
  3. Click on "All ePin Orders".
  4. "All ePin Orders" include both approved and pending orders.
  5. You may also click on "Pending ePin Orders" to see ePin orders that are not yet approved.
  6. To manage a particular order, click on its reference name.
  7. If you click on the reference name of a particular order, a page may open where you may see the details of the order in order to change its payment status, cancel it or delete it.

NOTE: if you set an ePin order to "Not Paid", the user who has purchased that ePin may not be able to use that ePin to make payment on your site.

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