Managing credits and using credits as means of payment on your site

You may sell credits to your site users. Your site users in turn may use the credits to buy something you are selling on the site. The credits are digital points stored on the user's account which the user is able to use for payment on your site where you have permitted credit as a means of payment.

The credit concept:

  1. Admin creates and names credit packages.
  2. Admin puts a price on the credit package so that for example, a credit package named "Personal Package" costs GHS20 (image below).

  3. When a person buys this credit package which costs GHS20, the user in turn may receive  20 credits, that is credits worth GHS20 and the credit will be stored on the user's account on your site (image below).

    Image above showing 1,590 credits stored on a user's account

  4. Suppose an item you are selling on your site costs GHS20. If the user wants to buy that item on the site and you have permitted the use of credits as a payment option, then on the checkout page where the user is to make payment for the item, the user may select The FOJ Credits as a means of making payment and then click on "Make Payment" to pay for the item.
  5. A user is allowed to make payment for an item only if the value of the credits on his account is equal to or greater than the price of the item he is trying to buy.
  6. If a user buys an item worth for example GHS20 with his credit wallet, 20 credits, that is credits worth GHS20 are subtracted from his credits or his credit wallet.
  7. If a user uses credits to make payment for an item and the value of the credits equals the the price of the item, then the payment may go through successfully right away without having to wait for admin's verification or approval.

Managing credit Packages
Managing credit packages means creating, editing, activating, deactivating, deleting etc the credit Packages.

  1. To create a credit package, log into the admin part of the site.
  2. Go to "Credit Wallet".
  3. Click on "New Credit Package".
  4. A page may open where you may find a form for creating the credit package.
  5. Fill the form for creating the credit package.
  6. Write the name of the credit package in the field named, "Name or Title".
  7. You can safely ignore all the other fields and jump to the portion of the form titled, "Price Options: in case this item is priced".
  8. At the field labelled "Currency", choose the currency in which you want to sell the credit.
  9. At the field labelled price, enter the price you are charging for the credit package. Enter e.g. 20.
  10. You may ignore the field labelled, "Price Per Period" as well as the other fields.
  11. Click on "Create Credit Package" button to create the credit package.
  12. If this credit package you have created costs e.g. GHS20, then a user may pay GHS20 to buy it and once the user has bought it, the user may use the credit to buy an item on sale worth GHS20 on your site.

Updating a Credit Package.

If you have created a credit package and you wish to make some changes to it, then you may follow the steps below:

  1. Go to "Credit Wallet" at the admin part of your site.
  2. Click on "All Credit Packages".
  3. A page may open where you may take an action to edit, activate, deactivate or delete the credit package.

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