Introduction to ad promotions

Currently, promotions are applicable to The FOJ Classifieds Ads and the The FOJ Jobs only. Promotions are ways of advertising a product so that the product is more likely to be seen by site visitors than other products that are not promoted. The two category of promotions available are "FEATURED" and 'JUMP TO TOP".

Featured ads (image below):

The image above is an example of classified ads promoted as featured ads;
The design of featured ads appear more attractive than that of other ads.

Jump-to-top ad (image below):

The image below represents classified ad promoted as "Jump-to-top" ad. The ad having the speedometer icon on it is a jump-to-top ad.

If an ad is promoted as jump-to-top ad, then everyday, it will reappear once at the top of the list of regular ads until its promotion as jump-to-top ad expires.

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