How to set up cron job for your site to send automated emails to your site users

You may want your website to be able to send your latest posts via email periodically to people who have subscribed to your website. In that case, you will have to set up cron job. Follow the steps below to set up your cron job.

1. Log into your cpanel, find cron jobs and click on it

2. In setting up the cron job, there is a field for "Command" that is cron job command. 

3.  Paste the following link there: /usr/bin/wget -qO- --load-cookies /tmp/cron-session-cookies --save-cookies /tmp/cron-session-cookies --keep-session-cookies

4. The link is above is what cron job command is. Notice that the cron job command above contains the domain name

5. Replace in the cron job command with the actual domain name or the link which opens the website

6. Save the cron job set up by clicking on "Add new cron job"

You are done. Your site is ready to send periodical emails automatically

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