How to place menu on the sidebar, footer area or at another part of your site

You may want to place a menu you have created at position you want. You may do so by creating a menu widget and then placing the menu widget at one of the numerous widget spaces in the site. To create a menu widget, follow the steps below:

  1. Log into the admin part of the site.
  2. Go to "Appearance and Design"
  3. Click on "Create Widget"
  4. The page for "Widget Types" may open (image below)

  5. Click on Menu Widget.
  6. The page for creating menu widget may open.
  7. Fill in the form for creating menu widget.
  8. The field named, "Widget Space" is a selection of all the spaces on the site where you may place the menu widget.
  9. Choose the widget space you want.
  10. The field named "Menu Source" is a selection of the menus available. Choose the menu you want.
  11. Click on "Submit" to create and save the menu widget.
  12. Go to the public part of the site and you may see the menu at the part of the site where you chose to place it.

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