How to create membership accounts

To create membership accounts, you may follow the steps below:
  1. Log into the admin part of the site.
  2. Go to "Membership".
  3. Click on "New Membership".
  4. A page may appear where you may find a form to fill in order to create the membership account.
  5. Amount of Credits: Take note of the field labelled, "Amount of Credits".
  6. If for example, you enter 20 in the field labelled, "Amount of Credits", then if a user subscribes to that membership account, the user will have 20 credits, that means GHS20 in his credit wallet.
  7. If then membership account is priced at GHS50 and you enter 20  in the field labelled "Amount of Credits", then when a user pays GHS50 for the membership account, although you may receive the GHS50 in cash, the user may automatically receive GHS20 from you in credits in his or her credit wallet on your site.
  8. Description: at the text area labelled "Description", you may write some information to help the user know more about the membership account.
  9. Currency: at the field labelled, "Currency", select the currency in which you want to sell the membership account.
  10. Price: at the field labelled, "Price", enter the price you are charging for the membership.
  11. Price Per Period: at the field labelled, "Price Per Period", select the duration, whether, minute, hour, day, week, month or year.
  12. Illustration: if for example, at the field labelled "Currency" you select, "Gh: Ghana Cedi ()", and at the field labelled "Price", you enter 20, and at the field labelled "Price Per Period", you choose "Week", then it means the price of the membership will be GHS20 per Week.
  13. Click on "Create Membership".

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